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the frontage of sinar saredah shop

Like a carefully stitched garment, Sinar Saredah, Sarawaks' premier laundry and dry cleaning services, embodies the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail found in sartorial artistry.


Our story, begun by Theresa Toyat in 1986, a rich tapestry of dedication, innovation, and quality in mind. With a humble launch as a small laundry service, sinar saredahs' establishment rose and grew over the years, going through the harshest economic recessions and recently the pandemic.


The founder has always been at the forefront of the industry, setting the standard for a one stop laundry and cleaning services. Every garment we touch our commitment to excellence, establishing us as the first choice for laundry and cleaning services in Kuching., Miri and Bintulu.


Theresas' initial vision of a singular, high-quality laundry service has beautifully transformed into a comprehensive suite of cleaning services, carefully tailored to cater to an array of needs. As we moved forward, she expanded the services to home and industrial cleaning and carpet cleaning just to name a few.

In addition, as the tourism demand in Sarawak rose over time, hotel establishments also requires careful attention to their linen, which is also the reason for our expansion to hotel linen laundry services to give hotel goers the best and most memorable staycation in Sarawak.

But we are more than a diverse catalogue of services. Sinar Saredah is the embodiment of Theresa's vision and unwavering commitment to the highest quality standard to a cleaner society. We as one business entity would like to provide our Local Sarawakian players the best cleaning services possible, with our gathered 39 years in the industry.

About Us

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