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12 DIY methods to get wrinkles off your clothes

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1. Use your clothes dryer: 

Add something moist like ice cubes or a damp towel with your wrinkled clothes in the dryer. Set it for 15 minutes on a medium setting to create wrinkle-removing steam.

2. Use Natural Wrinkle-removing spray: 

Use a commercial spray or make one by mixing vinegar with water or liquid fabric softener with water. Spray the wrinkles until damp and let air dry.

3. Use Hair care products: 

Use a flat iron for small areas like collars, cuffs, and hems. Alternatively, blow dry wrinkles on the lowest setting after lightly dampening them.

4. Dampen a towel: 

Lay a damp towel on top of the wrinkled clothing and press down to smooth out creases.

5. Make your own steam: 

Hang your clothing in a steamy bathroom while showering or use steam from a tea kettle to release wrinkles. Or you can send your garments for dry cleaning services.

6. Use a hot cooking pot: 

Boil water in a pot, dump it out, and use the bottom of the pot as an iron on durable fabrics like cotton and linen.

7. Spray with wrinkle-removing spray: 

Use a commercial spray or make one at home with water, fabric softener, and rubbing alcohol or vinegar.

8. Use the bottom of a pan as an iron: 

Heat up a kitchen pan and press it onto your clothes to remove wrinkles on durable fabrics like cotton and linen.

9. Roller method: 

Roll the shirt tightly against a roller from the kitchen for about five minutes to remove wrinkles without getting the clothing wet.

10. Anti-wrinkle spray: 

Look for anti-wrinkle sprays sold at supermarkets to help reduce wrinkles quickly.

11. Hair Dryer or straightener: 

Use a hairdryer or straightener as an alternative to an iron to remove wrinkles from clothes.

12. Wrinkle Release product: 

Apply water on the wrinkles and pull the shirt tight while it dries to help release wrinkles.

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How do I prevent wrinkles in the future ?

Choose the right fabrics: 

Some fabrics like silk, satin, cotton, linen, cupro, and viscose are more prone to wrinkles. Opt for wrinkle-resistant fabrics like polyester, polyamide, modal, lyocell, tencel, nylon, and elastane to reduce wrinkles.

Sort fabrics properly: 

Separate clothes based on fabric type and color before washing to customize wash and dry cycles for each garment.

Avoid overloading the dryer: 

Do not overfill the dryer drum to allow clothes enough room to tumble and prevent them from bunching up and getting more wrinkled.

Use Bounce Dryer Sheets: 

Infused with fabric softeners and static-fighting agents, these dryer sheets help reduce wrinkles by freshening the fabric and making clothes soft to the touch.

Properly hang or fold clothes after drying: 

Hang shirts and blouses on proper hangers with seams, collars, cuffs, and button plackets pulled straight. For items that can't be hung, hand-press them on a flat surface and fold neatly while pulling seams straight.

Avoid tightly packed clothing storage: 

Overstuffed closets or drawers compress clothes tightly, making them more prone to wrinkles. Ensure garments have enough space for air circulation.

Use last-minute wrinkle removing tips: 

If clothes are slightly wrinkled after storage or travel, steam them by running a hot shower or using a damp white cotton towel in the dryer for about five minutes.

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How to prevent wrinkles when storing in a suitcase for traveling ?

Roll and bundle your clothes: 

Lay the item flat, fold each side in towards the middle, and roll from bottom to top until you reach the neckline. Use the "bundle wrap" method to create a brick of clothing that minimizes movement in the suitcase, preventing wrinkles

Fold in bulk: 

Fold multiple pieces of clothing together to reduce wrinkles. For pants, fold them in half length-wise with one leg on top of the other and then fold them in thirds. Stack t-shirts and blouses together to minimize folding

Layer tissue paper or dryer sheets: 

Place tissue paper between clothes to prevent friction and reduce wrinkles. You can also use dryer sheets to reduce static, which can cause clothes to wrinkle and stick together

Use dry-cleaning bags or packing cubes: 

Utilize dry-cleaning bags to safeguard delicate fabrics against wrinkles by keeping moisture away and reducing friction between items. Packing cubes can also help organize your suitcase and protect clothes during travel

Pack a bottle of wrinkle-release spray: 

Carry a wrinkle-release spray to quickly eliminate wrinkles when you don't have access to an iron or steamer. Lay out your clothes on a flat surface, apply the spray, and gently smooth out any remaining wrinkles

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