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How our company cleans a wool rug in 5 steps

Updated: May 13

In this article:

Tools you need:

  • scraper

  • pail

  • eco-friendly carpet detergent

  • floor scrubber

  • wet vaccumm

  • heavy duty metal hanger

How to Clean Wool rug Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1. Mix detergent and water into a bucket

We use a normal detergent and mix it in a bucket of water. Stir it well. After that, pour the mixture onto the wool rug. We prefer to use a scraper to brush the mixed water on the damped surfaces.

Step 2. Use running water and a scraper

Once the mixed solution is poured onto the wool carpet, use running water and apply pressure at the end of the hose to create the bubbles.

Simultaneously, use a floor scraper to agitate the detergent, water and the carpet material together to create more soap bubbles. This is important because it will ellevate the residues from the bottom to the upper exposed surfaces.

Step 3. Use a floor scrubber

We find that a floor scrubber is the most efficient machine that brushes the carpet in a circular motion. This beats any manual washing methods because the rotation and brushing speeds takes off the hard residues off the carpets very efficiently.

Step 4. Use a wet vacuum

Before ending the cleaning process, use a good wet vacuum to remove excess water from the early water cleaning which essentially the dirt embedded also.

Make sure that you do it on both sides of the carpet. This is required because it will speed up the drying process and removes the damp smell.

Step 5. Hang the carpet at its full length and not folded

Most cleaners underestimate the length of time it takes for the carpet to be dried completely. Based on our experience, it takes a full 2 days to be completely dried, smelling fresh and ready to be sent back to our customers.

We recommend to use a heavy duty metal drying frame to efficiently hang the carpet at it's full lengtg, being exposed fully to the hot sun. The carpet must be remained at an area where there is lots of wind.

What are the main differences between Wool carpets and synthetic ones? 

  • They are made from natural sheep's wool.

  • They are natural insulator that has the potential to regulate room temperature.

  • They are aesthetically more pleasing to decorate a room with.

  • Malaysian households love to use this type because the weather is generally hot most days.

  • Generally needs more maintenance and specialized cleaning.

snapshot of a dog under a carpet

When is the best time to clean your rug ?

We find that the best time to clean is between 10am-12pm. Here in malaysia, the sun is the strongest at these times.

In Malaysia, the hottest times of the day are typically around late morning to early afternoon, with the highest temperatures usually recorded between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM -

So as you clean, you also allow the heat from the sun to evaporate the moisture from the carpet, leaving it drying continuously.


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