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How to clean your apek sandals?

Apek is a term that is used by Chinese Malaysian whcih means an elderly man. Rather, a very simple man with no fashion sense that dresses like a elderly man. In Malaysia, apek sandals are signified to be a fashion sense that is popular amongst elderly men in Malaysia.

a blue slipper

Tips to Clean you apek sandals

1.Use light soap

When brushing your apek sandals, make sure that you use very light soap or detergent to brush your apek sandals. Use warm water as you brush it. These sandals are normally white and any stains are very obsious.

2.Use a clean cloth and dap to remove water

After brushing and cleaning it with water, make sure that you use a clean cloth to dap at the wet areas. Dap it around to make sure it is completely dry.

3.Use a hanger to dry

Once you are done doing the previous steps, you can then hang you sandals under the sun and exposed to air. This will allow your sandals to dry off any remaining moisture and leave your sandals smelling nice and fresh.

Tips to maintain your apek sandals long term

1.Clean it every month

It is not necessary for you to clean it everyday but it is essential to clean it every month at least. This will gurantee a crisp white and clean and not smelling like chicken feet.

2.Do not use bleach

Some take the easy way out to use bleach but we do not recommend it at all. First of the colours will fade and the rubber will react to the bleach making it hard and uncomfortable.

3.Don't leave it wet

Some are lazy to dry their sandals completly. This will allow the rubber adsorb to much moisture hence making it softer and less usable and essentially thinner over time. Do avoid this.

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