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Xfab Sarawak

X-FAB Sarawak, located in the Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone, is a prominent semiconductor foundry specializing in the production of analog/mixed-signal and MEMS devices. It plays a critical role in the local economy by providing high-income jobs and contributing significantly to the region's industrial growth. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art cleanrooms and advanced manufacturing technologies, which are crucial for the production of high-quality semiconductor wafers used in automotive, industrial, and medical applications

Our site cleaning services at X-FAB Sarawak are tailored to meet the stringent cleanliness standards required in semiconductor manufacturing. We focus on maintaining the integrity of the cleanroom environment by employing specialized cleaning techniques and using industry-approved cleaning agents. Our team of trained professionals ensures that every part of the facility, from manufacturing areas to administrative offices, is kept in pristine condition, thus supporting X-FAB's commitment to quality and excellence.

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