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How to keep your wall air conditioner clean ?

1. Clean the dust filter often

The filter traps and filters all the dust in your room. So, the air conditioner becomes less efficient at filtering your air if the inside is not clean.

The filter for wall air conditioners are made of plastic material frame, that looks just like this.

closeup shot of air conditioner filters

Generally most air conditioners are built very similarly. So, you can follow this infographic for clear instructions on cleaning the filter.

an infographic to clean the filter

2. Use a cloth to clean the coils

Coils that are dirty and covered in particles will not be able to cool your room efficiently. Hence, this will cause the AC unit to consume more power to work harder.

The coils are easy to spot as it is just behind the filter.

You can use a simple damp cloth or a vaccum to genetly remove the dust particles that are trapped in there.

an infographic to clean coils

3. Clean the drain pipe

The drain pipes removes water from the result of condensation that occurs during the air-conditioning process.

infographic of drain pipe

Some might claim to use bleaching agents and pour it down the pipe to clean it. But, it is better to actaully ask a professional to do it to prevent potential damage to the pipes due to the corrosive nature of bleaches.

If you need help, you can call us to handle your air-cond cleaning needs.

What are the signs that my wall air conditioner needs cleaning?

closeup of air pressure

1. There is very Low Airflow

As metioned before, when the insides of the air-cond is not cleaned, it is obvious to feel the output air is low. Sometimes, the culprits might be things like the heat exchanger or evaporator coil.

closeup of dust in air

2. Your room is dusty

If you see that your room is dusty all of a sudden, and your air-conditioner is used ofter, this is a clear clear sign that your machine is not filtering the dust efficiently. Hence, do get it check.

closeup of mold

3. There is a strange smell all of a sudden

This is the most obvious when the drain pipe is left unattended. This is because the backflow of water from the clogged pipe causes more mold growth overtime, which is also bad for health.

4. It takes Longer to cool your room

Based on our personal experience, for a room of 600 square feet, it normally take 20-30mins to completely cool down the room.

So if you have a similar room size and it takes more than 40 minutes to cool down, get your air-cond checked.

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